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TaylorFam365 Newsletter

We are excited to release the first edition of our family's newsletter, TaylorFam365. It's often said that you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. We hope the newsletter is a reminder that while you can't choose your family you can choose to stay connected. This publication is part
of a larger initiative to help us stay in touch, get to know each other and share what makes us a family. TaylorFam365 is for everyone so we want you to
submit ideas and contribute content. This will be a quarterly newsletter filled with articles, pictures and information provided by you.

The first two issues will focus on creativity and love of the arts. This edition gives us a glimpse into some of the talent that we have in the Taylor Family. Please share stories, photos and/or other information showing our artistic flair for the next newsletter.

We are family 365 days of the year so let's celebrate who we are and continue
to spread the love for family shown by our ancestors. #taylorfam365

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